Where emotional intimacy and liberated sexuality come together into one experience.

In these 3-4 hour sessions, I will guide you and your partner through an experience that will leave you feeling deeply connected, erotically sensual, and model for you an evening to recreate at home using rope play as a tool for emotional intimacy and liberated sexuality.

Our focus will be on the energetic connection with your partner, on how to be in control and how to surrender, both in a way that increases connection and sensuality rather than focusing on the rope ties themselves.

No experience is needed, and even very experienced rope players find these sessions game-changing.

We work with the energetic connection between you as a couple to create a deeply interactive session that can shift your sensual dynamic more than you imagined.

For beginners, we start by building a foundation of trust between the couple and build into simple but effective ties.

For more advanced couples, we start where they are and build on their energetic connection as well as dive into more advanced ties.

My intuition and extensive experience working with couples allows me to feel into each dynamic and find that unique element that creates a beautiful bond between lovers where each partner feels felt and seen.

These Intensives combine the juicy sexiness of what I’ve been teaching in sold-out workshops for the past six years, with all of the heart-centered intimacy and body wisdom learnings derived from working with over 100 couples in their bedrooms around sensual connection (Intensives do not include information on sexual connection).

Intensives can be held at your home or another location to be determined. An advantage to having the sessions in your home is that I can also help set up your bedroom in a way that is conducive to creating a beautiful sensual experience.

If you are a single man and would like to learn this beautiful art, I can bring in a rope model and guide you into your most grounded masculine self, complete with all the skills to recreate this erotic play with any woman.

I will leave you with a gorgeous set of ropes so that you can put your new skills into play immediately.

Intensives include a phone consultation before the session so that I can be familiar with your individual dynamic and can customize the session, and a phone call after the session to follow-up on anything that may have come up and to reinforce your practice.

Contact me to book a session or set up a short phone consultation to explore how this work can upgrade your sensual experience.

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