I’m Mia Cara.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself…

I’m a pretty normal woman in her 40’s: I juggle being a mom, having a career, enjoying wonderful friendships, dating, and carving out time for taking care of myself.

I feel beautiful, healthy, am not aging the way other women my age are aging, and am really enjoying the life I have created for myself. But it was definitely not always like this.

In my mid-20’s, as I was completing law school and starting my career as a lawyer, I hit a wall. I was 20 pounds overweight, not happy, and not sure what to do. I spent all my time working, binge eating, and watching TV. I was addicted to sugar and caffeine, I felt unattractive, I had little sex drive, and my marriage was unraveling.

I had NO IDEA how to turn myself around. I felt like I’d done everything right to be “successful” on the outside but inside, I was losing myself. I spent more than a few cries during lunch in the bathroom at my office.

I was living the “dream life” as a lawyer while feeling dead inside.

I knew I was a smart and capable person, but I was feeling worse and worse. In July 1998, I made the decision – I was going to figure this out, no matter what.

It wasn’t easy. I spent the next few years reading everything about health I could find and one by one experimenting with various diets, and slowly getting processed foods, chemicals, food additives, and other toxic materials out of my life (I used to drink diet Mountain Dew for breakfast back then!).

The big turning point came in 2003. In desperation on one lonely Sunday night as I was working in the office, I was researching on the internet and saw a posting for a position at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, and nearly fell over in my chair. The job was not right, but their program was exactly what I was seeking. I no longer wanted to be a lawyer; I wanted a job helping others feel healthy.

Three months later, on my 30th birthday, we packed up our car and moved to NYC for nine months while I completed the program. And by 2004 I started working with Nutrition and Wellness clients, had a baby, and moved back to San Francisco.

As my diet improved, it became easier to make more adjustments. The more my health improved, the better I felt inside. And the better I felt…the sexier I felt.

In hindsight, it seems obvious that the key to unlocking sensuality is to feel beautiful inside first. (Unfortunately, the media would rather feed you messages about buying new products, treatments and supplements instead of cleansing from the inside out.)

The more I saw things actually WORKING to improve my physical health, the more I felt the desire to explore my sensual health.

Even though the process of pregnancy and gaining and losing 50+ pounds, I still felt my sensuality in a way I never did when I was younger and eating processed foods. By 2007, my ex-husband and I decided it was time to amicably divorce after 16 years together, and I started dating for the first time in my adult life.

What I found was that when my body was healthy, I was eating all whole foods that suited my individual needs, I was moving my body daily, I was feeling my feelings and getting sufficient sleep…and I felt very sensual, all on my own. When I didn’t feel good, that sensuality was suppressed.
So I dove into the study of sensuality as I dated again. Through my own practices and experimentation, I discovered that my sensuality was my own and that I was completely in control of it and how I experienced pleasure.

Why should you believe I can help you?

As you may have noticed, there are no shortage of people selling advice, products and services for improving well-being and your sex life.
The majority of what I see tries to convince you to buy something new, behave within a set of rules or restrictions, go to therapy or accept yourself where you are and find gratitude.

While some of this can be useful…I believe my approach works because we use a holistic strategy to help you feel better from the inside out. When you feel better, you naturally feel more attractive.

When you feel attractive, your sensuality comes online.

I believe you must address your situation from the inside out if you want to thrive and feel alive again.

For individuals wanting to improve their health or for couples wanting to revive their intimacy, the access point for change comes from within.

When we work together, no matter what your desires or obstacles, you’ll discover how to find the power to transform what’s been holding you back.

Using food and nutrition as our medium, I’m here to help you awaken your vitality and health and reignite the pleasure in your own sensuality.

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